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6005 - Work Management Simulation

Course number
$795 (classrooms)
On-site or at our offices

Duration: 1 day

Following this course, the participant will be able to understand and apply the reliability process in his or her work environment. The participant will learn to organize and assemble a strategy that takes any program to the next level.

Intended for

The Reliability Simulator is an awareness activity that affects everyone involved in maintenance and leads to a new vision and willingness to change for the better.



Course Content


  • Eliminate over 80% of reactive maintenance
  • Overcome situations where all problems are emergencies
  • Develop the history of the equipment by adequately completing the documentation
  • Develop backlog management affecting work schedules and priorities


  • Take control of spare parts inventories that diverge from your maintenance needs
  • Convince production to release equipment to perform a PM when overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is low
  • Take advantage of freed up work time to set up a reliability team
  • Evolve to planning work according to the «P-F» curve instead of just «fixing what is visible»
  • Work management: Beyond planning and scheduling
  • Applying LEAN to everyday maintenance
  • Simulation of a real maintenance process
  • Establishing a planning organization
  • The impact of a support system on job productivity
  • Measuring and capturing business productivity



  • Understanding and managing maintenance backlogs
  • Daily planning and weekly dispatch
  • Defining Planning Gaps: Comparison of Planned vs. Actual Outages
  • Work Prioritization: Overview
  • The impact of reactive maintenance on planning & scheduling
  • Develop an effective information history
  • Developing a work management strategy

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