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6006 - Failure Analysis

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Duration: 1 day

Following this training, the participant will understand the concepts of equipment and mechanisms likely to cause parts to break, in order to identify the causes of defects and take the necessary corrective action to reduce and eliminate defects.

Intended for

Technicians, engineers and professionals working in the field of industrial maintenance and equipment design.



Course Content

Topics Covered

Introduction to defect analysis
- Root cause analysis (RCA)
- ​Human error
- Benefits and savings 

A few general considerations for failure analysis
- Mechanisms causing defects

Sources of equipment fatigue
- Stress, elasticity, plasticity, tenacity, fatigue 

Overload defects
- Unusual conditions

Fatigue defects
- Categories of failure due to fatigue

Interpretation of types of fatigue
- Analysis of different types of equipment fatigue

Understanding and recognizing corrosion
- Type of corrosion
- Effect of pH 
- Effects of temperature

Topics Covered (continued)

Lubrication and wear
- Type of contact
- Manufacturing a lubricant
- Lubricant functions

Analysis of belt transmission systems
- Design and efficiency
- Defect analysis

Analysis of antifriction bearings
- Bearing and equipment parts
- Deterioration mechanisms
- Detailed bearing analysis procedures

Gear analysis
- Types of gears
- Load and stress fluctuations
- Useful life, design and degradation mechanisms
- Defect analysis 

Analysis of attachments and parts
- Bolts
- Defect analysis

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