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1041 - Ultrasound Certification SNT–TC–1A Level 1

Course number
On-site or at our offices

Duration: 4.5 days

Following this training, the participant will have acquired the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical principles applicable to airborne ultrasound technology to pass the Level 1 certification examination in accordance with an ASNT

Intended for

Technicians and engineers in all categories who carry out airborne or conduct ultrasound inspections and who are intent on obtaining Level 1 certification



Course Content

  • Review of certification requirements
  • Theory of sound
  • Fundamental principles of ultrasound physics
  • Transmission and effects of ultrasound waves
  • Efficiency of airborne ultrasounds
  • Overview of typical applications and integration of technol ogy
  • Overview of instruments and software
  • Leak detection
  • Inspection of heat exchangers
  • Analysis of compressed air leaks
  • Electrical inspection
  • Integration of ultrasound and infrared methods
  • Valve inspection
  • Steam trap inspection
  • Review of proactive and predictive maintenance concepts
  • Inspection of compressors, gears, pumps, motors, fans
  • Inspection of bearings/study of trends and lubrication
  • Data recording
  • Spectral sound analysis
  • Examination

Certification Included

Certification exam SNT–TC–1A Level 1 is included in the course.

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