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1042 - Lubrication Assisted by Ultrasound

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Duration: 1 day

Following this training, the participant will be able to prepare an inspection plan, set a UP201/UP401 Grease Caddy, schedule an inspection plan, use the UP201U/P401 Grease Caddy, establish parameters and lubricate +/- 50 bearings.

Intended for

This one-day hands-on training course is designed to help lubrication engineers and technicians implement best practices in ball bearing lubrication.


Next course in progression
2001 - Machinery Lubrication I

Course Content

  • Basics of sound and ultrasound
  • Mechanical concepts (bearing)
  • Damage caused by improper lubrication
  • Quantity and frequency calculation
  • Explanation of ultrasonic assisted lubrication
  • Sound
      Before lubrication
      During lubrication
      After lubrication
  • Device operation
  • Operation of the UP-201 and / or UP-401
  • Security

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