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1043 - Ultrasonic Leak Detection and Inspection

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Complete half-day training course (4 hours)
Complete half-day training course (4 hours)

Mastery in Ultrasonic Leak Detection: Advanced Strategies for Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

This 4-hour course equips professionals with advanced skills in locating and quantifying leaks using ultrasonic technology. Focused on acoustic principles and ultrasonic analysis, it guides participants through rigorous inspection procedures, including the drafting of detailed leak reports, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and generate significant savings.

Targeted at engineers and technicians, this program highlights the best industrial practices for effective preventive maintenance. Through a technical and formal approach, enriched with sector-specific terminology, participants are prepared to make informed decisions, thereby optimizing system reliability and contributing to the reduction of costs associated with operational losses.

What can you expect from this training?

Following this training, the participant will be able to apply the necessary knowledge to detect leaks and produce a detailed report on the savings achieved.
  • Elementary Concepts on Sound and Ultrasounds
  • Locating and Quantifying Leaks
  • Generating a Leak Report (Leak Survey)
  • Comprehensive Technique to Detail
  • Parasitic Ultrasound
  • Video and Sound
  • Safety
This half-day theoretical training is designed to assist engineers and technicians in implementing best practices for leak detection and inspection.

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