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1044 - Leak Detection on Steam Traps and Valves

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Complete half-day training course (4 hours)
Complete half-day training course (4 hours)

Mastering Leak Detection: Intensive Training for Engineers and Technicians

This course is a 4-hour virtual training designed to teach engineers and technicians how to effectively detect leaks and write detailed reports. The program covers the basics of sound and ultrasound, the operation of valves, cylinders, and steam traps, as well as advanced detection methods like the ABCD method and comparison method. This intensive session aims to improve equipment reliability by applying best practices in leak detection and inspection. Perfect for those looking to deepen their skills in industrial maintenance.

What can you expect from this training?

Following the completion of this training, participants will be equipped with the essential knowledge required to identify leaks and generate a detailed report.
  • Basic Concepts of Sound and Ultrasound
  • Valve Model and Its Operation
  • Cylinder Model and Its Operation
  • Steam Trap Model and Its Operation
  • ABCD Method
  • Comparison Method
This half-day theoretical training is designed to assist engineers and technicians in implementing best practices for leak detection and inspection on steam traps and valves.

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