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V4001 - Introduction to Effective Mechanical Maintenance

Course number

Duration: 4 hours

Following this training the participant will be able to develop an efficient mechanical maintenance Program philosophy and implement the stages of development.

Intended for

Managers, engineers and technicians whose duties include performing industrial
maintenance operations.


Next course in progression
4002 - Shaft Alignment
4003 - Bearing installation and maintenance 
4004 - Transmission systems
4005 - Lubrication Basics
4009 - Dynamic Balancing

Course Content

Types of maintenance
  • Understanding the causes of machine failure
  • Understanding maintenance concepts
  • Understanding the principle of effective mechanical maintenance
  • Gaining an awareness on how to analyze machine failure
Effective mechanical maintenance 
  • Understanding the phenomenon of forces that exist in rotating machines
  • Understanding the imbalance phenomenon
  • Understanding the effects of poor shaft alignment
  • Gaining an awareness of proper bearing assembly and maintenance
  • The importance of developing proper lubrication methods
  • Gaining an awareness of problems associated with incorrect torque
  • Gaining an awareness of proper assembly and maintenance of transmission systems (pulleys and belts, chains and gears, fixed and flexible couplings)
  • How to avoid the resonance phenomenon
  • The importance of following procedures during machine repairs
Implementation of an Effective Mechanical Maintenance program
  • Involvement of executive personnel
  • Involvement of maintenance personnel
  • Adopting a new mentality
  • Balance between production and maintenance
  • The importance of documentation
  • Assessing the program’s effectiveness

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