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Predictive Maintenance

A new plant saves costs before it even starts production

May 16, 2022

86% immediate return on investment

Our client, a global food brand, was in the final stages of implementing its first plant in Quebec. While it may seem like a new facility has no imperfections, it can be otherwise: misaligned rotating equipment, poorly calibrated instruments, etc. To get off on the right foot, our client turned to predictive maintenance solutions.

Laurentide Controls was called upon for its expertise in vibration analysis to ensure that the new equipment would operate optimally to guarantee production from the very first day of the plant. Knowing the impact of potential compressed air leaks on the productivity and energy expenses of a plant, however new, we recommended that they perform an ultrasonic detection of this system. Indeed, as it decreases the efficiency of the compressors, the drop in pressure of the compressed air network can lead to significant additional annual electricity expenses, as well as having a negative ecological impact.

One of our ultrasonic specialists identified leaks from cracked tubes and improperly adjusted parts. Through our audit, we were able to identify $11,000 in annual air loss. 69% of these leaks were identified and repaired immediately with the help of the plant's maintenance mechanic. Not only did our client save $11,000 annually, but they also saw an immediate return on investment of 86%.

Maximizing production and ensuring profitability are paramount goals for any business. To achieve these goals, it is essential to have reliable machines that can operate when needed. Ultrasonic detection can help companies achieve these goals by identifying potential problems before they cause unplanned downtime. By using this technology, companies can reduce energy costs and increase production reliability.

$ 11K

savings in
annual air loss