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Students, Interns & Recent Graduates Students, Interns & Recent Graduates
Start the next chapter of your story.

Start the next chapter of your story.

Be the author of your professional future at Laurentide Controls, where every action you undertake significantly contributes to the future of the industry.

Immerse yourself in a challenging professional adventure where you will be at the heart of concrete projects, constantly pushing boundaries, and closely collaborating with experts who will be your mentors in your professional development journey.

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At the heart of our company is an authentic and dynamic culture. Every day, we embody our values and purpose; they're not just words, but a reflection of who we are. Our DNA is rooted in our passion; we are motivated by a deep desire to make an impact, each in our own way. We are driven by a desire to leave our mark and realize our aspirations: we are determined, builders of the future.

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Social life at Laurentide is dynamic, diverse and a reflection of our passion. Our activities include game nights, barbecues, smoothie days, sports activities such as softball and golf tournaments, a community garden, volunteer work and fundraising events that foster camaraderie through friendly competition.
At Laurentide, we're committed to turning your potential into success. We offer opportunities for growth within the company, personalized coaching and development programs to help you achieve your professional and personal goals, whatever your role.
At Laurentide, every day, through actions large and small, we work to make a difference for our customers, our communities and our employees. Our purpose, to help industry thrive in Eastern Canada, also includes helping our customers achieve their environmental goals. As a member of the Laurentide team, you'll contribute not only to your daily work, but also to the evolution of our industry in Eastern Canada.

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We want you to be able to make your mark, whatever your experience. That's why we offer flexible internships throughout the year to enable you to learn and collaborate with a variety of teams and industries. Whether you’re a student or a recent graduate, our 4, 8 or 16-month internships are designed to give you a rewarding hands-on experience. You'll have the opportunity to learn from professionals and contribute to challenging projects, while developing your skills and exploring new career prospects. Join us and become part of a dynamic team that values your contribution and fosters your professional development. 

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By joining the Reliability University, you'll benefit from a stimulating job backed by a three-year training plan that will enable you to become an expert in the reliability field. The program includes structured training by experts in various industrial reliability disciplines, coaching and mentoring, and hands-on experience through real-life mandates at our customers' sites. This experience will open doors to many industries, with mentorship by experienced professionals, access to all industry training and certifications, and the opportunity to travel throughout Eastern Canada.

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Starting your career at Laurentide can take you far!

Angela Badrieh
Angela Badrieh
  • Vice President, sales 
  • Joined Laurentide in 2014 as an application specialist
Michel Portelance, Eng.
Michel Portelance, Eng.
  • Vice president, Strategic Growth & Marketing
  • Joined laurentide in 1988 as AN APPLICATION ENGINEER
Steve Dustin, Eng.
Steve Dustin, Eng.
  • PrEsident & CEO
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