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Emerson's Machinery Health Virtual Conference

April 7, 2021
Join us for Emerson’s first Machinery Health Virtual User Conference – a look at how your peers are an essential part of the digital transformation in their facilities. Hear how they are implementing modern technology and software applications to achieve business goals and improve reliability.

Presentations include:
  • Analytics Proof of Concept Reveals Imminent Asset Failures
  • Building a Culture of Reliability from the Ground Up in a New Facility (Fromagerie Bel)
  • The Digital Transformation Journey of Gerdau Steel
  • Detecting Axial Movement of Tissue Roll to Prevent Unplanned Outage
  • Cascades’ Holistic Approach to Condition Monitoring Across 70+ Plants
  • Advanced Diagnostic Techniques Can Prevent Unnecessary Work
  • Using the AMS 6500 on a Critical Grinder Reduced Exposure During Pandemic
  • Reliability and Monitoring of Equipment that is Designed to Vibrate
  • Vibration Program Successes in Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Best Practices for Online Monitoring of a Steam Turbine Generator

Register now!The $200 registration fee for the inaugural event is waived for 2021, making it free for anyone to register. Attendees to the event will have access to content on-demand following the event.