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1009 - Vibration Diagnosis Technique

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In our classrooms
Complete 2-day training course
Complete 2-day training course

Vibrational Analysis in Action: Theory and Practical Case Studies

This training will enable you to acquire various knowledge necessary to incorporate into your reasoning during vibratory data analyses, in order to issue precise diagnostics on the health of machines.
In our classrooms

What can you expect from this training?

Following this training, the vibration analysis technician will enhance their performance in detecting various machine issues, thereby issuing more accurate diagnostics. They will use their tools more efficiently and improve their role in actions dedicated to maintaining the reliability of the plant's equipment.
  • Analysis and diagnosis of mechanical problems: dynamic imbalance, shaft misalignment, bearing misalignment, bent shaft, mechanical play of parts, structural mechanical play
  • Analysis and diagnosis of bearing problems: BPFO, BPFI, BSF, FTF, lubrication
  • Analysis and diagnosis of electrical problems: AC motor: soft foot, rotor problem, stator problem
  • Analysis and diagnosis of fluidic problems: blade frequency, cavitation
  • Analysis and diagnosis of gearing problems
  • Analysis and diagnosis of resonance problems: structural and shaft
  • Analysis and diagnosis of transmission problems: pulley-belt system
  • Analysis and diagnosis of journal bearing problems
  • Analysis and diagnosis of reciprocating machine problems
For experienced vibration analysis technicians and engineers who want to develop a logical analysis method.

This course is a theoretical training with case analysis. Each participant will have to prepare different cases on different machines. The cases can be studied directly from the vibration analysis software or extracted to standard formats such as Word or PDF. They must be well documented in history.

Prerequisite : 2032 - Intermediate Vibration Analysis

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