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1007 - Bearing Vibration Analysis

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On site, at our offices or virtual
  • Montreal, QC - French
    Jan 9, 2024
    1 day, from 8:30 am to 17:00 pm
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Duration: 1 day

Following this training, the participant will be able to identify the characteristics of a vibration signature and evaluate the progression and severity for different bearing problems. 


Intended for

For technicians and managers who have taken the Vibration Analysis Level II - Course 2032.


Vibration Analysis Level II - Course 2032

Course Content

This course is a theoretical training with case analysis. Each participant will have to prepare different cases on bearing problems. The different cases can be studied directly from the vibration analysis software or extracted to standard formats such as Word or PDF. They must be well documented in history.
Topics Covered
  • Description and characteristics of bearings
  • Principles of bearing deterioration
  • Diagnosis of a BPFO
  • Diagnosis of a BPFI
  • Diagnosis of a BSF
  • Diagnosis of an FTF
  • Diagnosis of poor lubrication
  • Diagnosis of mechanical play
  • Diagnosis of bearing problems for a low speed shaft
  • Physical analysis strategy for bearing defects

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